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    My Experience

    From 2015-16 I spent 5 months working as a private tutor in Moscow. This meant planning lessons (all in English), teaching 6 days a week, and responding to all sorts of different needs from students. Some required long-term development; others wanted hurried exam preparation for entrance examinations (Dulwich College, King’s Canterbury, Sevenoaks School, Oundle). Add to that the challenge of teaching maths or science in a student’s second language!

    I have also taught intensive maths IB revision sessions during the Easter holidays: a comprehensive run through of the material.

    I have delivered private tuition since 2012 years in a variety of subjects: GCSE level maths for Edexcel, IB maths and economics, and help with applications to Oxbridge.

    In 2011, I taught for a brief but intense period in inner-city schools in Mumbai.

    Subjects I teach

    Economics up to undergraduate level
    Maths up to A-Level/IB
    Politics up to A-Level/IB

    My Qualifications

    BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics – University of Oxford, 1st Class Honours
    IB Diploma – Sevenoaks School, 44 points (HL Maths, Economics and Latin)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Every student has talent waiting to be channeled in the right way. Some students are quiet, others outgoing; some work quickly, others have to make their thinking explicit. I make sure always to engage with a student’s particular style of learning and to present material in exciting or intuitive ways.

    Remaining friendly but firm is crucial as a tutor. Sharing my own love of the subjects I teach is always the best way to help a student find new angles and ways in to the problem at hand. But ultimately, I’m still young too – I remember well how great it is to have someone explain that difficult problem in exactly the way you see it for the first time.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I once braved the chilly waters from the glaciers in Iceland to scuba-dive between tectonic plates. Almost as thrilling as the undergraduate Economics syllabus!

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