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    My Experience

    In Secondary School and Sixth Form, I worked with younger students as a mentor for Mathematics and English. This helped me to realise my passion for helping my schoolmates to gain an understanding on material. In pursuit of this, on my gap year I privately tutored Mathematics part time. I honed my skills as a tutor and will bring those to bear in any sessions.

    Subjects I teach

    Computer Programming (up to first year undergraduate)
    Mathematics (up to A-level)
    Chemistry (up to A-level)
    Biology (up to A-level)
    Personal Statement help (for prospective university students)

    My Qualifications

    Where computer programming is concerned, the natural question you might have is why am I, a Natural Sciences student, qualified to help you with programming?

    Well, I have been programming computers since I was 13 years old. It is a passion of mine, and one that I maintain despite not studying it at University. This reflects my approach to the teaching of software engineering: that working on the skills in your spare time is the only way to become proficient. It is not enough to just sit in lectures, you need to actually build software. I can help you gain a solid understanding of all the programming concepts you need to be successful in your degree. I am especially interested in helping those who are completely new to programming.

    Mathematics – A
    Biology – A*
    Chemistry – B
    English Literature – A

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I take the time to fully understand the needs of my pupils, making sure that I contact you between sessions to clarify that I am teaching you the things you need to know in a way that suits you.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I have black belt (1st Dan) in Karate!

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