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    My Experience

    I have been tutoring high school students since I was 18. In particular, I helped students who were in need of passing tests (either the final A level tests or during-Terms tests), or who wanted to strengthen their knowledge of a subject. More specifically, I taught History of Art and Architecture, Greek and Latin (language and literature), English (language and literature), Italian (language and literature), technical drawing.

    Subjects I teach

    History of Art and Architecture (GCSE, A level, Undergraduate)
    Italian (GSCE, A level)

    My Qualifications

    I graduated from a high school in Italy (Liceo Classico Annibal Caro, Fermo) achieving a final grade of 94/100. During those years, I studied 12 subjects amongst which History of Art and Architecture, Greek and Latin, Italian, Philosophy, History, English, Mathematics, Physics etc.
    I then attended the University of Greenwich in London, and graduated in BA Architecture with a first class degree.
    During my first year of university, my tutors chose me to be the Representative of their design unit.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I truly believe each student is an individual with their own precious individuality which need to be preserved. My tutoring method is quite defined in style (i.e. the lesson is prepared beforehand, is transcribed on a paper which the student can keep so to study from there, and is quite academic); the method itself is then tailored on each individual student, depending on their needs and aims. One thing is, though, a constant: my heartfelt passion. I love teaching!

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    When I was at Elementary school I was on TV ‘presenting’ a lovely report on a very old train which used to run across my town; my class had to stand next to me and sing a song about the aforementioned train called ‘Once upon a time a little train’.

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