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    My Experience

    I volunteered with a teaching outreach programme that aimed to encourage the study of Classics through Latin at state schools. I was allocated to a primary school in Hammersmith. This responsibility involved following a teaching plan to a pair of year 4 students over two academic years

    I volunteered with another education outreach programme that aims to encourage the study of Classics in state schools. This charity looks for tutors at a higher degree level with more teaching experience. I was allocated to a primary school in Hackney, and my responsibilities involved organising lesson plans each week and teaching Latin and applicable literacy skills to two regular groups of six Year 4 and Year 5 students.

    Other experience includes much voluntary work at school and undergraduate level and private work at undergraduate level


    ‘Rhea offered up her time to help me with several topics I was struggling with within the Maths GCSE. Her teaching style is empathetic and clear: she listens to the issue and explains coherently, making sure you are with her every step of the way. As she makes people feel comfortable when teaching through an informal but effective approach, I felt I was able to really keep asking questions until I was truly confident with the method and how it can be applied. Rhea builds up confidence as she teaches which I found unique and inspiring.’ Lucy Byford

    ‘Rhea really helped me with my learning – her way of explaining things was very clear and she always managed to find a way of thinking about things that helped me to understand bits that I struggled with. She was also very kind and approachable which made me feel very comfortable when learning from her. I would definitely recommend her as a tutor to anyone.’ Robert Smith

    Subjects I teach

    Ancient Greek – up to undergraduate level
    Latin – up to undergraduate level
    Verbal reasoning and literacy
    University Application Guidance.

    My Qualifications

    10 A*s at GCSE
    1 A* & 2 As at A Level
    BA Classics UCL

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I like to have a general plan for my lessons, but one that is flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of the student. I think it is important for the student to set the pace of the class so that they feel comfortable with and confident in what they’re learning. I aim to make the subject as engaging as possible and for students who are not naturally inclined to the subject, to this end my approach is not oppressive, but rather relaxed and familiar, to inspire students to cultivate an interest for the subject on their own terms. In my experience this has always had the best results as student confidence and happiness is key to success.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I’m a salsa dancer! I specialise in Cuban and Cali style!

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