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    My Experience

    Private experience as English, Spanish and Maths tutor in Madrid. I taught Maths IGCSE to a student and raised her average significantly and, similarly, I tutored English to an 11 year old boy, who wanted to improve his level of the language and raised his average by around 10%.
    One years experience tutoring maths and Spanish in London.


    ‘Regina is a very patient tutor, who will find as many ways to explain something as you need to fully understand the concept’.

    ‘Regina’s commitment and her will to do an excellent job helped me improve my English very fast’.

    Subjects I teach

    Spanish – 11+, 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, Undergraduate
    French – 11+, 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, A Level
    Maths – 11+, 13+, GCSE
    Physics – 11+, 13+, GCSE

    My Qualifications

    11 Cambridge IGCSE’s: Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*), Art (A*), French (A*), Biology (A*), Geography (A*), English as a Second Language (A*), English First Language (A), Spanish (A), History (A), English Literature (B).
    Edexcel AS Levels: Physics, French, Maths, Further Maths, Spanish, Art
    Edexcel A Levels: Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), Spanish (A*), French (A*), Physics (A).
    BEng. Mechanical Engineering, University College London (UCL), Year 1 (Sept. 2012- June 2013). Average mark 82%.
    BASc Arts & Sciences: Science & Engineering, University College London (UCL). Sept. 2013 – June 2016.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I try to find interesting material that suits the syllabus to be covered and can at the same time interest the student, which helps him get more involved and more passionate about the subject. This, on the long term, will help him succeed at the subjects’ exams and other exercises. I also try to help the student understand the logic, rather than just memorise the content, which will also help him when encountering new questions. Finally, I encourage the student to try all exercises by himself first as this is how he can profit the most from the lessons.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I love ballet dance, I have been dancing since I was a kid! I also speak four languages and I am starting to learn German, which will be the fifth language!

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