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    My Experience

    I have had eight years full time experience in facilitating extra lessons for the following modules:

    Financial Accounting
    Financial Management
    Management Accounting
    Corporate Finance
    Investment and portfolio management
    Financial reporting
    Business Statistics

    I have assisted over 500 students, ranging from 1st year introductory finance and accounting students to masters/MBA and professional finance and accounting students.

    In this time, I have achieved a 95% pass rate.

    Co-founder of a successful private education tuition company (Mind The Step, Johannesburg South Africa)

    I have created, marketed and sold online educational tuition video lessons to undergraduate students, I still currently use these videos as part of my lesson plan.

    Winner of the Rising Star Award (June 2017)

    Winner of tutor of the Month (August 2017)

    Nominated for Powerhouse Tutor of the Year (June 2018)

    Nominated for Students Choice Award (June 2018)


    Hamda (Accounting and Finance master’s student, Imperial College London, August 2017- December 2017)

    I met Raphael through The Profs tutoring company in London. I have had experiences with many tutors throughout my academic career but I have never met a tutor like Raphael. He helped me with a total of 10 modules and the time and dedication he spent on ensuring I understood everything 100% makes him one of a kind. He doesn’t only teach students for the sake of it, he does it from the heart which makes him absolutely amazing. He’s also a life mentor to all of his students & is defiantly someone I look up to. I would not recommend anyone else.


    Oliver  (CISI Corporate Finance student, March 2018- June 2018)

    I am writing with reference to Raphael. Let me first start this letter with a huge thank you for your services and professionalism for helping me to pass my Certificate in Corporate Finance, CF 30 Qualification.

    I was extremely hesitant when selecting my tutor, I have been working on this exam for over a year now and had two different tutors previously and have written the paper unsuccessfully in 2017.1 was over
the moon to be able to find such a talented and understanding tutor who worked with me to overcome this huge challenge which has allowed me to forward my professional career.

    Raphael very quickly understood my learning methods and ways to keep me engaged on a subject which I had been struggling to cope with since starting the module. I was under pressure both from myself, and to further my financial services career and this exam was the crux off all of this.

    It is rare you A) find a teacher you genuinely respect and admire who can teach you new and different ways to learning difficult and hard to understand material B) someone who is so charismatic and
engaging in their approach that you look forward to your lessons with them.

    I first met Raphael at the beginning of March and very quickly recognised that he was the best person to help me pass this exam and if he couldn’t get me through it, no one could. We spoke on the phone when
I had questions out of class, he was always there on text or email when arranging lessons and cramming last minute sessions in and even took time out of his own life to find new and better methods for me to
understand certain equations / calculations which I was struggling with, that for me is the mark of an amazing tutor and someone who genuinely cares about their pupils.

    We got on extremely well from Day 1 and I now consider him a friend and someone I want to spend time with outside of a library or a conference room. He sent me an extremely uplifting and overwhelming
message the night before my exam which really helped me to calm last minute nerves (something I have struggled with in the past) all these little touches are so important to achieving success on something like
exams, he was as happy to hear I had passed my exam on Wednesday 30th of June as I was!

    I would highly recommend Raphael to anyone I come across looking to take exams and trust him with anyone including different experience, age, and ability to help them overcome exams in the
different tiers of finance he knows so well. I don’t often write testimonials especially one like this, so please take these words as my solid endorsement of ‘The Profs’ and Raphael.


    Joel (Accounting. Mathematics and Business Studies student, Year 10-12(Age 16-18) King David High school, January 2013- December 2015)

    ‘Throughout my 3 years being taught by Raphael from grade 10 to 12(Age 16-18), we covered the subjects ranging from mathematics to business studies and accounting. The experience was influential, motivational and uplifting. Raphael not only prepares you on the curriculum but also mentally prepares you by keeping you in the right mind set for tests and exams. You can also expect guidelines on the best ways to tackle exam questions and deal with time management. He completely changed my attitude towards Accounting Studies and showed me the future value in everything I learnt! His expertise in this area allows him to explain answers in different fashions to ensure that his students gain the best understanding possible. He is by far the most qualified tutor I have had! Knowing Raphael has changed the way I see things and has helped me grow and look at situations from different perspectives. I can guarantee that learning from Raphael will have a positive impact on your life’

    Subjects I teach

    Financial Accounting (Undergraduate)
    Management Accounting (Undergraduate, Post Graduate & CIMA)
    Corporate Finance (Undergraduate, Post Graduate & CISI)
    Financial Management (Undergraduate, Post Graduate)
    Investment and portfolio Management (Undergraduate)
    Business Statistics (Undergraduate)
    Financial reporting (Undergraduate)

    My Qualifications


    Member of Golden Key International Academic Honour Society

    Top achiever award for Mathematics in Economics and Business (2008)

    CIMA- Management Level, Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting

    ACCA-P1 Professional level

    Post Graduate:

    Football Business Management Degree, (First-Class Honours)
    Johan Cruyff Institute (Barcelona), 2015
    Dissertation: GlazerNomics: Manchester United’s Leveraged Buyout

    Master’s Degree:

    Investment Management (2:1)
    University of Johannesburg, 2011
    Dissertation: BRICS: An equity analysis within the BRICS economies

    Undergraduate Degree:

    Financial Management (First Class Honours)
    University of Johannesburg

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    A highly knowledgeable, patient, well-presented and extremely passionate experienced tutor. I take a creative, simplistic and logical approach in explaining difficult mundane subject material. I encourage students to ENJOY the material by creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere during lessons. I possess a proven 95% track record of improving student results while building long term student-teacher relationships.

    Fun fact

    Love football
    Love Music and having a good time

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