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    My Experience

    I have 10 years experience tutoring students of ages 13-60 across a variety of topics. I have taught both privately, through tutoring agencies or independently, and full-time for education institutions. I have 2 years experience teaching courses at King’s College London in the department of mathematics (Interest rates models, Risk neutral valuation, Risk management, stochastic calculus) and 6 months experience at Kaplan International (classical and quantum physics, statistics, analysis and vector calculus). I taught LSE students economics and finance during my years working as a Risk Manager for JP Morgan. I have been teaching piano since 2009, year in which I gained my performance diploma. Since 2018 I run an opera camp in China three times a year where we get children aged 8-15 to perform operas in front of large audiences. As part of this project I teach both the choir and the orchestra while the director takes care of the acting.

    Subjects I teach

    Physics, 15+
    Mathematics, 12+
    Statistics, 15+
    Finance, 18+
    Economics, 18+
    Music and Piano, all ages

    My Qualifications

    2009 – Piano Performance Diploma, Conservatory of L’Aquila A.Casella, 9.5/10
    2009 – BSc Physics, University of Rome La Sapienza, 110/110 cum laude
    2010 – MSc in Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London, Distinction
    2014 – PhD in Applied Mathematics, King’s College London

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    In my classes I stimulate students to ask themselves questions before providing answers. I believe the tutor is there to facilitate the natural development of the student’s skills rather than in providing one-off solutions to questions. I constantly refer to previously covered material to foster the student’s ability to master the topic in its entirety and to make connections between related aspects. I have an informal approach to teaching which attempts at making the class a fun experience rather than sheer duty.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I run a symphony orchestra of 70 members and a music society based in Central London. We do concerts, seminars, workshop and educational programs aimed at generating more interest and engagement in music throughout the city.

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