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    My Experience

    5 years of private tutoring experience, and 1 year of being a teacher assistant. I have tutored over 40 students, ranging from the age of 5-20, in addition to some adults who wished to have English language lessons. My teaching has included preparation predominantly for 13+, G.C.S.E and AS level qualifications.


    ‘I came to Radzsa because my daughter’s teacher had sent me a letter of concern saying that she had failed her mock exam. Only 2 months later, through intense and vigorous tuition, Anna managed to just miss an A*. We were so shocked.’

    ‘Radzsa’s passion and dedicate really made my child more attentive and hard working. She was firm enough to ensure that my child completed all of his homework and worked hard for her, but was caring enough to be approachable and easy to ask question from.’

    ‘Radzsa really understands a pupil’s way of thinking. My son has always been very shy and social, so it worried me how he would get on with one on one tuition. She made him feel at ease, and made my son gain confidence and motivation over the year.’

    Subjects I teach

    KS1 science, KS2 science, KS4 science
    Biology 11+, G.C.S.E
    Chemistry 11+, G.C.S.E
    Physics, 11+, G.C.S.E
    Latin, age 5-20

    My Qualifications

    10 A*s and 5a’s GCSE
    5 A’s at AS and A level
    Currently studying BA Linguistics at UCL

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I am open to helping people achieve any level which they desire, both assessing and approaching each pupil’s learning on the basis of their individual ability, as opposed to using

    the same material for all of my students; this way I can target the specific needs of the pupil, which is why you will see them excel in their area of study very rapidly. I also believe that a tutor’s enthusiasm for the subject taught is mandatory; many pupils are failing or feel unmotivated because they have not had the right support and genuine care from their teachers in their academic environments. In short, I find that if the tutor genuinely cares, then the student will grow to also.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me or request an informal interview, as I understand the importance of finding some-one who is respectful and reliable to perform this role.

    Fun fact

    I would NEVER run the risk of running out of ketchup!

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