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    My Experience

    Before tutoring with Tavistock Tutors, I gained experience in tutoring French, Hebrew and Spanish. I taught beginners and GCSE level, explaining grammatical structures and how to write essays. I am currently teaching at Queen Elizabeth School during my PGCE year with UCL, The Institute of Education. I have a great understanding of the new exam curriculum. It is a major privilege of mine to be placed with the Institute of Education (The I.O.E); the education school of University College London. The course specialises in postgraduate study and research in the field of education and is one of UCL’s 11 constituent faculties. It has also been ranked as the world number one for education for the third year running, in the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject. The course is a great asset to tutoring as it places me in the right position and way to acquire skills and attributes as a teacher; providing me with familiarity and experience. For example, I am aware of ways of tackling lesson plans to students who are of lower ability or differentiated capabilities. My lessons always include differentiation in order to appeal to all levels of learning. With my support as a tutor, students will feel at ease and my plan/teaching will be coordinated to their specific ability, objectives and targets. My tutoring will ensure progression in the language and confidence boosting.

    Subjects I teach

    French up to Undergraduate level
    Hebrew up to GCSE level
    Spanish up to GCSE level

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My lessons are varied and structured with objectives, aims & outcomes and they are reflected briefly at the end. Using a variety of different tools and media resources which are available – such as video podcasts, audios, games, flashcards, photos or using props, I aim to always incorporate this in my teaching. I communicate in the target language and make sure that students are able to slowly express themselves and be confident; leading to fluency. I believe that it is very important to speak in the TL in order to familiarise the student’s ear to the language. As a tutor, my tone of voice and gestures are always signalling a positive attitude to teaching.

    Fun fact

    I am very creative – this really helps when I teach/tutor!

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