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    My Experience

    8 years experience tutoring more than 500 students


    Alia – Punit was very supportive and made himself available for any questions or problems I had and was always easy to contact. He does not see the lesson as simply a job to be completed, but he truly cares about his students.

    Amit – I have received top grades in all these subjects thanks to Punits guidance and teaching methods. I would have never scored as highly as I did if it wasn’t for him. I highly recommend Punit to anyone.

    Alexandra – He is extremely helpful, always available and a very resourceful person. He always gives simple examples and easy language to make me understand the concepts quickly. I would not have done well in exams without his help. I trust him and will recommend him as Tutor to anyone with my eyes closed.

    Subjects I teach


    My Qualifications

    Bachelors in Business Management (4th Rank in University)
    Associate of Chartered Accountants – 1st Class
    Associate of Certified Management Accountants – 1st Class

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I first try and understand the level of students, adjust teaching style suiting to student level and needs and always try to boost their confidence whether it is examination preparation or reaching other goals of life. I provide them simple examples used in day to day life which makes it easier for them to relate back to subject and help them in long run. I try to encourage them during the course of study which helps them to gain the much needed confidence. With my academic and work experience, i believe that i can help students to reach highest goals they set themselves.

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    Fun fact

    I enjoy singing and playing sports!

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