Paul G

My Passion & How I Inspire

Architectural education is vocational and requires a student to develop a broad set of skills: graphic, written, verbal and professional. From my broad teaching experience I understand that people learn in many different ways and that in order to help them succeed a tutor must be engaging, open and fluid in their approach.

I bring a passion and boundless enthusiasm for my subject, alongside long experience of what is required of architecture students engaged on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Understanding the brief is critical to a successful design project, as is being aware of artistic and historical triggers that aid in the design of ‘culturally connected’ buildings. The best buildings speak to us in a tongue we may not necessarily be able to hear but that we can certainly experience. I aim to help students to enjoy developing that language for themselves and to succeed at whatever level they are currently engaged.

Whilst I am fully aware of available electronic design packages I do not teach CAD myself. When teaching design, I focus on developing sketching, hand drawn communication and imaginative imaging, the primary purpose of which is to better explore and communicate design ideas and solutions. Having been head of an undergraduate year group for some years I know well what to look for in a portfolio as well as where to identify gaps in the narrative of a project.

When it comes to written work I encourage clarity, precision and depth. I have extensive experience in dissertation tutoring and am completely comfortable in engaging and encouraging students for whom writing may not be their natural form of communication.

My Experience

I have been involved in design education for over 20 years.

After gaining my degree and post-graduate diploma in Architecture, throughout which time I also worked in practice, I began teaching Architecture at London South Bank University, and Interior Architecture at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 1994.

In 1997 I joined the Architecture Foundation, running design projects and community training programmes, and went on to become the founding Director of ‘The Glasshouse’, a charity developed to better engage the public in the places where they lived. In 2004 I became Director of the Solent Centre for Architecture + Design based in Hampshire. In 2011 I became a Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Portsmouth where I taught in both the undergraduate and graduate schools, was head of the second year of the undergraduate course, and unit coordinator for a number of design modules. I was also a degree year dissertation tutor.

I returned to live in London with my family in 2016 and am currently researching a book.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Design & Technology
  • Architecture
  • Architecture - Undergraduate
  • Dissertation
  • Dissertation - Undergraduate
  • History
  • History - Undergraduate
  • Interior Design
  • Interior Design - Undergraduate

My Qualifications

Chichester High School: A-Levels

English, History, Art

Kingston University – Degree in Architecture

London South Bank University – Post-graduate Diploma in Architecture


Higher Education Academy - Fellowship

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

Like many architects I have always been fascinated by maps and aerial photographs. But seven years ago, I learnt to fly a powered paraglider to get a better first-hand view for myself. Hanging below a fabric aircraft, in what is really no more than a small, propeller-driven deckchair, is a great way to understand how towns have developed and may continue develop in the future. It is also a vehicle to reach a place of unrivalled beauty!