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    My Experience

    I began teaching undergraduate courses in political science in 2006 while working on my doctorate at Florida State University. Since then, I have taught at a variety of institutions of higher learning, both in the United States and in London. Additionally, I began training students to take the GRE in 2008, before branching out to other exams including the GMAT and LSAT in 2011. In that time, I have taught thousands of students in courses ranging in size from two hundred person lectures to intensive seminars and one-on-one tuition. I have generated course content, written exams, marked papers and given encouraging feedback to students in need of extra help.

    Subjects I teach

    Law (Equity and Trusts, Land, Criminal, Public, Tort, Contract)
    Political Science (International Relations, Comparative Politics, UK Politics, US Politics)

    My Qualifications

    I graduated in the top ten percent of my high school class, and received a 1590 (99th Percentile) on my PSAT and a 1420 (over 90th Percentile) on my SAT in 1996. I received my BA in Literature and Theatre from New College of Florida, the honours college of the state university system, with a defended thesis wherein I retranslated Jean-Paul Sartre’s ‘No Exit’, mounted a student production of the resulting script, and wrote a 50 page analysis in light of ‘Being and Nothingness’. I received my MSc and PhD in Political Science from Florida State University with a 3.763 GPA (equivalent to a first). I recently completed my GDL at City, University of London, with a Commendation (equivalent to an upper second degree). I have received a variety of scholarships and fellowships, including a Presidential Scholarship at NCF, and a departmental and a University Fellowship from FSU.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My teaching style is focused on making the subject matter fascinating, using my vocal and physical training as an actor, my interpersonal skills gained from my many years of teaching and my own genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter. I work to engage students using question and answer, games and story-telling, as well as through discussion. Through my experience, I know that anyone can learn – it’s only a question of learning how.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I once travelled the eastern United States performing in bilingual producitons of Don Quixote de La Mancha and Cyrano de Bergerac. Despite this, my Spanish and French are somewhat woeful.

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