My Passion & How I Inspire

By making my lessons fun and yet rigorous, encouraging and yet challenging, I ensure that my students will remain engaged and enthusiastic, while critically making some serious progress. I set high standards but am always sure to provide encouragement and help every step of the way; I give the students the tools needed to think for themselves, to work things out on their own, building confidence and ability in equal measure.

My Experience

One year tutoring a girl English AS-level

One year tutoring two boys in GCSE History

Subjects That I Teach

  • English
  • English - A-Level
  • English - IB
  • English - GCSE
  • English - 11+
  • French
  • French - A-Level
  • French - IB
  • French - GCSE
  • French - 11+
  • History
  • History - A-Level
  • History - IB
  • History - GCSE
  • History - 11+

My Qualifications

11A*s GCSE

41 points at IB

2:1 Honours (Bristol)

My Reviews

‘Patrick really helped Sheridan out. She was struggling with her English essays but with each lesson, she just seemed to start getting what it meant to write well and to structure her thoughts clearly’.

‘Patrick somehow managed to make my son sit down and focus – something I have still never managed!’

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I can do most accents!