My Passion & How I Inspire

I am continuously striving to find new ways to make learning more fun and engaging. Having worked as a professional actor for a year now I understand how hard English literature and Drama can be, however, also how much fun they can be.  I have had lead roles in two Shakespeare plays, a Christmas show and recently a piece of new writing at Park Theatre in Finsbury Park.

I love acting, and the background that I have in this is a show of how lively, hardworking and passionate I am as a person; things that are incredibly important when working with children or young people.  I like to look at things from an imaginative point of view.  So when working on English texts I like to lift things off the page.  This can be done through incorporating voice work and acting techniques.

My Experience

I studied for my A-Levels at my previous high school obtaining an A in English Literature, an A in Drama and Theatre Studies and a B in Music. I later went on to study for my degree at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where I graduated with First Class Honors in June 2014.

In terms of tutoring my expertise are within English Literature and Drama and Theatre Studies.

My language skills and communication skills are of an exceptional standard and I am fully capable of teaching basic grammar and literature up to A-Level.

I am originally from just outside of Birmingham and moved to London after achieving high grades in my GCSE’S and A-Levels to pursue a career in acting. I studied at one of the most prestigious drama schools in London and worked extremely hard to obtain my First Class Degree. Throughout my second year at Royal Central, I lead warm ups every morning for the new first years whilst they were settling in and learning about the course. It was a great way to engage and get to know people but also make them fully prepared for their day. It helped to coach them into the ways of a professional actor and what standard they needed to be at every day. This provided me with such excitement and imagination for education.

There are many things I have done to build up my teaching experience over many years and below are a select few examples I thought may interest you:

Whilst working for my A-Levels I became a reading mentor to children who had a lower reading than their actual age. I did this for two years with students throughout the school.

Before studying for my degree I decided to take a gap year to give myself a chance to gain some experience. Not only did I work on my first professional acting job for the Arts Council, but I also coached A-Level students on how to obtain a Gold Level Arts Award which I had received the previous year. Students were musicians, actors and playwrights. I coached them on performances and how to present their work in such a way that they would get the highest level this award offers.

Whilst in my final year for Royal Central and just after I graduated I went back to my old high school to lead workshops with young people who love drama. I coached them on all matters including how to deal with having dyslexia or ADHD, concentration exercises and also how to be comfortable around new people and your peers.

Lead a musical theatre workshop at Cannock Chase High School as part of their annual arts festival before breaking up for the summer. This year seven to year nine students.

Currently giving elocution lessons privately to all years.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Drama
  • Drama - A-Level
  • Drama - GCSE
  • Drama - 11+
  • Elocution
  • Elocution - A-Level
  • Elocution - GCSE
  • Elocution - 11+
  • English
  • English - A-Level
  • English - GCSE
  • English - 11+
  • Maths
  • Maths - A-Level
  • Maths - GCSE
  • Maths - 11+
  • Theatre Studies
  • Theatre Studies - A-Level
  • Theatre Studies - GCSE
  • Theatre Studies - 11+

My Qualifications

Cannock Chase High School

A-Level English Literature – Grade A

A-Level Drama and Theatre Studies – Grade A

A-level Music – Grade B

Singing exams – Grade 7 – Distinction – Royal College of Music

The Royal central School of Speech and Drama

First Class BA Honors Acting – Musical Theatre

My Reviews

"Paige is an intelligent, extremely likeable, dedicated and very sensitive teacher, a great communicator and diligent tutor. My son responded immediately to her charismatic personality.

Her detailed attention to the problems he was having with his English studies for 11+ proved she really understood the issues he was experiencing, and where his weaker areas were letting him down. She could identify each problem, and then offer clear strategies to deal with them. In the time he had her, his English improved immeasurably, and there was a big leap in his attainment at school, which was noticed by all his teachers.

She approached the sessions with great enthusiasm and a very encouraging tone, which really added to his enjoyment of the subject, which he had previously found quite daunting.

We all enjoyed welcoming Paige to our home each week, and more frequently when the exams approached, she went out of her way to be flexible and available to help my son as much as she could.

I think she is exceptional."

“After two days we can already hear a difference in our children. Their articulation has come on so much already. You’ve been great.” Recent family who has had elocution lessons for their son going off to university and their daughter about to go into year nine.

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I performed for Ian McKellen at Christmas and he approached me afterwards to tell me to “Keep going. You’re so good.”  He stood for five minutes waiting to speak to me!