My Passion & How I Inspire

I approach my lessons by identifying what the student is confident about, and what concepts they struggle with. I then try to explain those particularly complicated concepts and break them down into simpler steps – until it ‘clicks’. This is a particularly effective technique, and it is what I use when revising for exams!

After explaining the concept, I find that working with the student through a past paper is particularly helpful for them - even at undergraduate level.

I have a versatile tutoring technique, however, allowing me to adapt to each of the students need.

I also enjoy motivating students to pursue high academic goals.

My Experience

5 months tutoring experience in a British School in Spain.

Experience in IGCSE Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics and AS Mathematics.

Mentored undergraduate students in my Second Year of university.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Biology
  • Biology - GCSE
  • Biology - Undergraduate
  • Biology - Internship Application
  • Biomedical
  • Biomedical - GCSE
  • Biomedical - Undergraduate
  • Biomedical - Internship Application
  • BMAT
  • BMAT - Undergraduate
  • BMAT - Internship Application
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry - GCSE
  • Chemistry - Undergraduate
  • Chemistry - Internship Application
  • Maths
  • Maths - GCSE
  • Maths - Undergraduate
  • Maths - Internship Application
  • Science
  • Science - GCSE
  • Science - Undergraduate
  • Science - Internship Application

My Qualifications

University College London: MSc, Biochemical Engineering (current)

University College London: BSc, Pharmacology – First Class Honours – ranked 3rd in the cohort.

Runnymede College British International School in Madrid, Spain: A-Level:A* in Spanish and 3 As in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics

AS-Level: A in Physics

Achievements and activities:

UCL Postgraduate Scholarship, London, 2015

Awarded with a full tuition scholarship for academic excellence in my undergraduate studies.

Dean’s List Nominee, London, 2015

I was nominated as part of the 5% of the Faculty of Life Sciences in UCL.

Treasurer of the UCL Entrepreneurs Society, London, 2014

I was selected by my colleagues from a large pool of new applicants due to my hard working attitude and approachability.

Representative of the Student Staff Consultative Committee in UCL

Represented the 200 students of the Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology at UCL.

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I love cooking and in my spare time I like to produce music!