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    My Experience

    I have always had an interest in History, and discovering more about the past, which has only developed as I have further specialised my level of study. My decision to continue to postgraduate level was based upon my love of the subject, in particular, the ability of modern historians to critique and revise traditional historical interpretations and challenge preconceived ideas of society.

    This will be my first experience tutoring in a professional capacity, however, previously I have tutored children studying for the 11+ and I also taught English in a Vietnamese school for 3 months so I do have experience teaching.

    I am a very hard working and organised individual, and being able to share and teach my interests to other students is something I know I will enjoy. I pride myself on being approachable and would be a very involved tutor focusing not just on helping students process information but the importance of them theb being able to sophisticatedly structure this in an essay format.

    As a graduate of Oxford, I would also be able to tutor any applicant undertaking the Oxford application and History admission test – the HAT. I also wrote a blog offering advice on how best to succeed at the HAT which is attached to my tutor profile.

    Subjects I teach

    History – GCSE, A Level, Undergraduate
    Oxford admissions – HAT Test
    English Literature – A Level

    My Qualifications

    Oxford University – 2:1

    A Level- History A*, English Literature A*, Biology A, Chemistry A, General Studies A, EPQ A*
    GCSE – 8A*’s and 4A’s

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Everyone learns in different ways and this is one of the fundamental values of private tuition. It allows the student the opportunity to learn at their own pace at a style tailored to them. This is a fundamental part of my approach to being a tutor – finding how to best teach an individual student. I believe another aspect essential to private tuition is practical application, alongside feedback. To succeed in any subject, especially History, it is not just about knowing all the facts. As you advance in your level of study markers become more focused on how you structure your argument, not on how much information you know. This requires the student to become selective with their learning, to build an argument supported by relevant evidence. This is a skill that comes only with practice, and as a tutor I believe an important part of my role is reading practice work by my student and offering feedback.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I spent a week abroad over Summer helping baby turtles to the sea and one bit me.

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