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    My Experience

    The first time I took responsibility in helping others with their studies was during my two Years of Sixth Form. With German as my first language I helped Students in the lower years struggling with simple sentence structure and vocabulary on an individual basis. This taught me the value of being able to focus and adapt my teaching to the individual needs of a student. From this experience I took on further challenges, such as organising weekly revision classes for IB students at my school studying German as their second language. This task included developing a teaching plan as well as producing handout material. 
After I finished my International Baccalaureate I studied and completed my qualification as a “Rettungssanitäter” (equivalent to an Emergency Medical Technician) and began to work voluntarily with the German Red Cross in Kiel, Germany. Having learned a lot during this time, one of the major parts in the job was to educate trainees and others shadowing your work. A skill that I found particularly helpful to illustrate topics such as Physiology and Pharmacology was to link their importance to real-life situations I had encountered. To work through such a situation in regards to the topic was helpful to manifest trainees´ understanding and knowledge. Furthermore, the variety of patients I have encountered in this setting has been invaluable to developing my interpersonal skills, aiding both in practice and teaching. 
During my first years at Medical School I developed a profound interest in Human Anatomy, which I am now passing on to current 1st and 2nd Year students as a Near Peer Tutor. In this setting I help students with their practical dissections of a human body as well as supporting their theoretical knowledge, study skills and coping mechanisms in general.

    Subjects I teach

    IB Chemistry HL
    IB Biology HL
    IB Mathematics SL

    My Qualifications

    Intercalated BSc in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, University College London (2016-2017)
    Medicine MBBS, University College London (2014-2020)
    3rd Decile (best: 1st, worst: 10th) in Year 1
    2nd Decile in Year 2
    Rettungssanitäter, Med-Ecole, Medizinisches Lehrinstitut, Kiel, Germany (2013-2014)
    2 (max. 1)
    International Baccalaureate, Hockerill Anglo-European College, Bishop´s Stortford (2011-2013)
    Chemistry HL 7/7
    Biology HL 7/7
    German HL 5/7
    Business and Management 7/7
    English Language and Literature 6/7
    Mathematics SL 6/7
    Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay 1/3
    Overall 39/45

    Societies, Activities, Scholarships:
    Anatomy Near Peer Tutor (2016)
    London International Model United Nations, Best Delegate Award in the UNICEF committee (2015)
    UCL – Certificate of Merit for Overall Performance (2016)
    Student Representative in the Staff-Student Consultative Committee (2016-2017)
    Honorary Ambulance Staff for the German Red Cross, Kiel (since 2014)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Having struggled myself during the first years of Secondary School, I know how hard and frustrating it is to constantly be on the lower end of the class. You lose interest in learning as a whole and feel constantly under pressure. Having needed a lot of help during this time, I now find it extremely rewarding to aid others in their academic life. A key principle in this is conveying my passion for the subjects to my tutees. With examples from real-life experiences and my studies I can bridge the gap between dry theory and exciting reality, igniting the enthusiasm, which will guarantee long-term success.
    Furthermore, I appreciate the amount of knowledge required for top grades and therefore work closely along the outline of the syllabus, refining the information to key concepts. An organised approach to academic challenges has yielded me with great results in the past and this has reflected on my teaching skills, too.

    Another important concept for successful tuition is communication. Every tutee is different and therefore individual needs need to be recognised and addressed. In order to guarantee adaptability in my approach to teaching, I will ensure to be open and enthusiastic about establishing a continuous dialogue with both parents and tutees.
    Generally, I want to equip my tutees with all tools they need to confidently tackle the problems of their academic life and to achieve their full potential. My way to achieve this is through well-structured tutoring sessions, in a comfortable, supportive environment, adapting to the individual needs of each tutee.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I spend most of my free time in Germany driving an Ambulance!

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