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    My Experience

    I have worked as a private tutor for the past 5 years, helping with their studies students of all ages. I have worked with students in four different counties: Italy, Netherlands, Turkey and the UK, since I moved to London in September 2016 to pursue my PhD at LSE.

    Subjects I teach

    Politics and International Relations
    Religious studies

    My Qualifications

    I graduated from the lycée of my little home town in northern Italy in July 2008 and moved to Bologna where I obtained my undergraduate degree (2011) and my first Master’s degree (2013) in Modern History. In January 2014, I moved to Leiden in the Netherlands where I started a second MA in Middle Eastern Studies (completed in 2015). I spent the next two and a half years studying, working and travelling in Holland and Turkey (Ankara and Istanbul), until I received the offer for a PhD in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science that I started in September 2016. At LSE, I study international politics in the Middle East with a focus on Turkey, Syria and the Kurds.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Tutoring students of very different age, nationalities, background and interests helped develop a high degree of flexibility. I have learnt how to adapt my teaching methods to the student’s specific needs and interests. My best asset is the ability to turn natural curiosity into proper academic interest.

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