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    My Experience

    10 years experience offering private tuition to students from age 12 – PhD students.
    1 year, advanced placement economics and physics teacher, The Wheeler School in Rhode Island, USA.
    1 year, graduate writing tutor for the innovative Brown University Writing Center.
    2 years, quantum physics and organic chemistry tutor, Brown University Curricular Resource Center.
    3 years, academic advisor for Brown University first-year undergrads.


    “Nick helped me raise my SAT score more than 300 points.”

    Subjects I teach

    Economics (up to postgraduate level)
    Physics (up to undergrad level)
    Maths (up to undergrad level)
    US university admissions advising, including Ivy League
    SAT I & SAT II

    My Qualifications

    MSc Risk & Finance, in progress (London School of Economics)
    MSc Economic Policy, distinction (University College London)
    Marshall Scholar, fully funded two-year graduate fellowship from UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office
    B.A. with honors, magna cum laude in physics and modern critical philosophy (Brown University)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    In physics and maths tuition, I start by watching my student try to solve a problem, asking leading questions along the way. This helps me identify the weaknesses in his problem-solving technique. From there, we practice solving problems together. I focus on instilling good habits, such as adopting a standard method of organising information on the page or working in algebraic variables for as long as possible. Often, I find that replacing a few bad habits with a simple but robust problem solving technique can greatly improve a student’s marks.

    In writing tuition, I always read my student’s essay aloud, suggesting grammatical and organisational improvements as we go. Even students who struggle with their writing technique can usually find problems in their sentence structures after hearing them aloud. I also make copious notes on my student’s paper, so she doesn’t have to remember everything I say. Much of the learning in writing tuition comes after I leave, when she can go back to her computer and revise the work herself to fix the problems we discussed.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I have hiked over 1100 miles through the wilderness in the USA and UK!

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