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    My Experience

    During the second year of my degree I tutored Maths to two clients on a weekly basis with children spanning KS1-2. Upon graduating I have worked as an SEN TA for 6 months working with students with learning difficulties in a 1-1 basis whilst also tutoring at a local library for KS3-4 at all levels.

    Subjects I teach


    My Qualifications

    Royal Holloway-Economics and Mathematics BSc(Hon)-1st
    Uxbridge High School-Maths-A-Level-A*
    Uxbridge High School-History-A-Level-B
    Uxbridge High School-Maths-GCSE-A*
    Uxbridge High School-History-GCSE-A

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Maths anxiety is becoming a regular occurrence among students these days. Students tend to give up before attempting the question just because of the appearance of the question. I believe any student with the right support structure and given time and patience can achieve a Grade 9 at GCSE and an A/A* at A-Level. Just because one student will take 10 steps and the other will take two steps to understand and answer a question does not mean there will be a difference in their grades. My job is to get my students to understand that the core concepts they have attained from KS2 can be implemented into any GCSE problem with hard work and patience.

    Fun fact

    Every morning I wake up 5 minutes before my alarm and turn it off.

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