Mustafa K

My Passion & How I Inspire

Making the subject fun and interesting is the key to engaging a student’s mind. Breaking down complicated concepts into small digestible pieces of information allows the student to grasp complex subjects they were once afraid/not sure of tackling.

My Experience

My expertise is in Maths. I completed my entire Maths A-level in one year without any retakes during year 12 and achieved an A*. At school (and at home) I was/am the go-to person for Maths help. Alongside this, I also teach Physics and Economics; the former being something that I apply day in, day out, during my full-time job as a structural engineer and the latter of which I possess great interest in.

I have 5+ years tutoring experience working mainly with GCSE and A-level students and more recently 11+ students. Students that have me as their tutor are guaranteed to see results as evident by my previous tutees.

The main focus of the lesson is to maximise the time outside of it by setting many questions for the student to do on their own and go over the difficult ones together. At the same time, exam technique is crucial and this also plays an important role in the lesson.

My unique selling point is that I am a patient tutor who appreciates that students will not always understand concepts first time round. Using various teaching techniques (such as interactive tablets and physical objects) is something I encourage in my lessons, especially if this will stimulate the student’s mind.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Economics
  • Economics - A-Level
  • Economics - 11+
  • Engineering
  • Engineering - A-Level
  • Engineering - 11+
  • English
  • English - A-Level
  • English - 11+
  • Excel
  • Excel - A-Level
  • Excel - 11+
  • GRE
  • GRE - A-Level
  • GRE - 11+
  • Maths
  • Maths - A-Level
  • Maths - 11+
  • Physics
  • Physics - A-Level
  • Physics - 11+

My Qualifications


Masters of Engineering (Meng) in Civil Engineering from University College London (UCL) – First Class Honours

Extra-curricular activities:

Student representative for 90 students

Senior mentor overseeing 8 undergraduate students each mentoring a group of 8 – 10 students

Senior school:

Paddington Academy, London

A-levels in Mathematics (A*), Physics (A) and Economics (A)

AS levels in Mathematics (A), Further Mathematics (A), Physics (A) and Economics (A) – the highest level achievable for each respective subject


Institution of Civil Engineers QUEST scholarship (£10,000)

Best thesis presentation at degree level

Best Writer at degree level

Senior Maths Challenge Silver Award at senior school

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I make (math) videos on Youtube!