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    My Experience

    Recent graduate from the University of Birmingham having studied Psychology BSc. I ran small study groups throughout the year to help others who were struggling.
    Have helped several people studying for Psychology A-level exams since, explaining complicated information and teaching useful exam tips to maximise memory.


    ‘I wish the lecturers would just teach it like that!’ (from fellow student in my study group)

    Subjects I teach

    Psychology – AS Level, A-Level, Undergraduate

    My Qualifications

    1st Class Honours in Psychology BSc from the University of Birmingham
    A-levels: 2 A*s (Psychology & English Literature) and 1 A (Fine Art)
    GCSEs: 5 A*s (English Literature, French, Biology, History, Religious Studies) 4 As (English Language, Art, Chemistry, Physics) and 1 B (Maths).

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    “I have always found that understanding is the key to memorising information. Once you are able to get your head around the complicated bits, the information will come flying back to you with ease. Having just finished my own studies, I have a good eye for where information may seem difficult, therefore I use my own experiences to break information down into simple steps rather than looking at something as one big picture which often makes learning much scarier than it actually is. Once a concept is understood, I create imaginative and often silly ways to remember information – this may be through a rhyme, imagining a picture, acronyms, anything that helps! This technique is useful for all types of learners and becomes extremely helpful when revising for exams. On top of this, I try to convey information to others using visual techniques which I have always found to be of far greater use than simply reading a textbook and trying to swallow all the information at once. This may be in the form of a mind map or even just a brief, colourful booklet with diagrams.”

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I love travelling and once travelled around Europe for a month, taking 19 different trains to do so!

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