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    My Experience

    -Over 2,000 hours of experiencing tutoring Maths, Chemistry & Biology from 11+ to A-levels (even have experience with adult learners)
    -Average student improves by two grades (with some going up 3)
    -Top tutor status at several tuition centres
    -Run after school classes for private schools and education centres
    -Homeschooled GCSE and A-level students (Maths, Chemistry & Biology)
    -Delivered several April booster sessions (A-level Maths & Chemistry)
    -Taught SEN learners (GCSE Combined Science)


    ‘Mohammad is excellent, enthusiastic, friendly, professional and effective. I’m a 17yr old A level student and I greatly enjoyed and benefited from the sessions. Highly recommended.’

    ‘Mohammad is an excellent tutor, who has a lot of depth and knowledge i have benefited a lot from his session. I would recommend him for anyone who needs help with maths and physics.’

    ‘Great first lesson with my son Nathan who is currently on the last leg of his A levels! …Nathan really enjoyed his first lesson and Mohammad has already taught him a very good technique for his up and coming exams! We are looking forward to working with him for the next few months!’

    ‘Excellent maths tutor engages well with my son with a very good knowledge of maths.
    He quickly understood my son’s personality and he adapted the teaching to him. After few tutoring hours improvement can be seen.’

    ‘Mohammed was well prepared for the lesson. Immediately checked my nephew’s current level of understanding and made him comfortable enough to communicate with him. He was also able to keep his attention for 2 hours. Very happy.’

    Subjects I teach

    Maths: 11+, 13+, KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-levels
    Biology: 11+, 13+, KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-levels
    Chemistry: 11+, 13+, KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-levels
    Physics: 11+, 13+, KS2, KS3, GCSE

    My Qualifications

    University of Cambridge, Natural Sciences: Current 3rd year (Predicted: First)
    A-level Mathematics: A* (92%)
    A-level Chemistry: A* (100%)
    A-level Biology: A* (95%)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    As a college student, I had always been requested to answer questions and explanations regarding subject matters from both my classmates and relatives. They appreciated that I could break down the most difficult concepts into easy, manageable chunks. My teacher soon noticed my aptitude for teaching and offered me the opportunity to run after-school tuition for struggling A-level students. The amount of benefit that I could bring to students was astonishing. Individuals who felt that their dream careers were far from reach could regain confidence in their ability to achieve their aspirations. With a strong desire to extend the value I can provide to the wider community, I looked to private tutoring. Here, I was able to refine my teaching methods even further to tailor my sessions to the needs of the individual student, allowing them to experience maximum benefit. Three years after, I have only more reasons to enjoy tutoring such as developing bonds with students and being privileged to assist not only in academia but also in offering personal/career advice. The impact that I can make in this career is why tutoring is my passion.

    If I had to give three reasons for why my teaching style is so effective, I’d have to say it’s enthusiasm, enthusiasm, enthusiasm. I deeply enjoy the subjects I teach and as a result, I teach it in the way I would like the subject to have been introduced to me; through real-life applications and intuitive links to what we already know is true. By methodically helping students derive conclusions from first principles, it not only enables them to integrate information from topic to topic but also makes learning a truly gratifying experience. I believe that knowledge is a life-enriching asset that enables us to process the world around us and understand the principles that govern it. So why not start with the aim in mind?

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I play sports like a maniac. Some of the sports I play include; Basketball every Monday and Friday, Football every Tuesday, Table Tennis everyday (yes, I do have one in my home) and swimming every Thursday. Over the summer, I played Basketball from 9am to 7pm everyday for several weeks.

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