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    My Experience

    I am a second-year undergraduate student at the LSE studying BSc Government and Economics.

    Throughout my academic history, I have never sought the easy way out when pursuing a grade or goal. For my GCSEs I was predicted a string of Bs and Cs. I worked hard to overcome this and ended up receiving the third best results in my school, and the highest for a male student. For my AS levels, I received AABC and turned this into A*A*A by my A-Levels.

    Since 2016 I have had two major teaching and tutoring jobs. Between 2016 and 2017 I worked as a Year Four Teaching Assistant in an Oxfordshire Primary School, helping children primarily with their Maths and English. This was undertaken as part of general class support for my line manager, as well as in small intervention groups tailored towards SEN children.

    Also, since January 2019 I have worked as a private nanny and tutor. This role has involved tutoring the child in core Key Stage 1 areas including Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning: working methodically through study guides (including the 11+ study guides) and pre-planned questions to ensure the child utilizes a wide range of skillsets and foundational knowledge.

    Subjects I teach

    Mathematics: KS1-KS5, including GCSE, A-level, 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+
    English: KS1-KS5, including GCSE, A-level, 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+
    History: KS3-KS5: including GCSE A-level and 13+
    Economics: Undergraduate level
    Politics: Undergraduate level

    My Qualifications

    Matthew Arnold School:

    – Year 11: Head Boy for Morris House
    – GCSE: 11A* and 2As including A*s in Mathematics, History, English Literature and English Language. These were the third-highest results for my year group and the highest for a male student.
    – A-level: A*A*A in Mathematics, English Literature and History

    The London School of Economics:

    – EC100 Introduction to Economics: High First Class Honours, including an 85 module mark in the winter term exam
    – GV101 Political Science and Methods: First Class Honours, including a First in my coursework, commended for “outstanding argument and originality”
    – LN250 English Literature and Society: High First Class Honours
    – LSE100 Interdisciplinary Course: First Class Honours across all modules, putting me in the top 4% of students taking the course, and resulting in an award for excellence.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    • Knowing that I could use my skills, achievements, and hard work ethic to help a student grow inspired me to become a tutor.

    • In particular, the focused nature of tutoring, and the direct feedback it gives, made me interested in a role where I would be challenged and pushed to be my best.

    • Through working hard to achieve the best academic and extra-curricular results for many years I also feel inspired by the long-term nature of tutoring. Whilst helping students achieve short term results such as a good piece of homework is vital, I feel motivated by the prospect of having the opportunity to work with a student and to help them improve incrementally over the course of the academic year.

    • This in turn leads to my most tangible inspiration: seeing a student reach their long-term goal at the end of the academic year, or even beyond. From hearing an SEN child in one of my session telling me they’re finally beginning to enjoy reading to experiencing the child that I’m currently nannying achieve a heroic streak of sixteen 10/10 spelling test results in a row, it is the concrete results for me as a teaching assistant and tutor, that are the most memorable.

    Fun fact

    My grandfather is the polish ambassador to Kenya.

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