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    My Experience

    GCSE Chemistry tutor (2 years)
    GCSE Maths tutor (2 years)
    AS-Level and A-Level Chemistry tutor (1 year)
    AS-Level and A-Level maths tutor (1 year)


    “Michael was extremely friendly and open. I lost all my confidence in Chemistry when I got a very bad mark in one of mock exams and I needed an A to get into medicine. Michael made the course a lot more enjoyable and interesting and made me believe I could actually do the subject. I got an A in the end and now have an interview for medicine!” – Anna

    Subjects I teach

    Chemistry- A-Level
    Maths- AS-Level

    My Qualifications

    A-Level- 3A* 1A
    GCSE- 7A* 3A
    Studying Chemistry MSci at Imperial College London

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    For a pupil to truly benefit from private tuition an open and welcoming environment is crucial. The subjects I tutor can create a great deal of stress and uneasiness with a student especially as examinations approach. Anxieties can arise at the thought of approaching a topic or asking a question in the classroom. This can be a result of the student feeling embarrassed in class due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. My primary aim is to extinguish such negative thoughts and ensure the pupil has an optimistic attitude towards learning the subject and has the confidence to ask me any question about a topic.
    Engaging with the student is vital. The course content of the Sciences can seem mundane to many therefore I relate the topic they are learning to a fascinating developments in world of science and technology. Referring to a wider context enables the tuition sessions to become more interesting whilst ensuring course related fact are imprinted in the student’s memory.
    The core of my approach is continually challenging a student throughout the lesson to encourage the individual to focus on the topic and to give me indications about whether or not the content of the tuition is being understood. For instance, at the start of each lesson I will always give the student quick test to ensure that the material we covered the week previous was digested.
    Over my years of experience I have tutored many pupils whose abilities have varied immensely. I ensure every tuition session is uniquely catered towards the needs of the pupil.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I am a massive movie lover and go to the cinema at least one a week!

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