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I'm here to inspire you.

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    My Experience

    I’ve been a tutor with various agencies for over 2 years and have even led my own Summer School for international students. In total, I’ve tutored 50 students for over 200 hours.

    Subjects I teach

    GCSEs, A-Level (Humanities)
    Undergraduate (History, PPE)
    University entrance

    My Qualifications

    GCSEs, A-Levels, BA (Hons.)

    My International Placements


    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My inspiration came from my A-Level History teacher. His approach involved focusing on the bigger picture and how what he taught was relevant to today. These two things are what I seek to replicate in my tutoring and my clients appreciate it.

    Fun fact

    I represented Trinity College, Oxford on University Challenge in 2017.

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