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    My Experience

    I am an experienced A-level, GCSE, 13+ and 11+ Maths Tutor, having had over 50 tutees over the past 8 years and tutored for Reading University. I have a degree in Mathematics from The University of Nottingham, 2005. I have had experience and great success working with both struggling students and highly skilled students at all levels, and am very skilled at adjusting my tuition to the needs of each student, which has led to great improvements in their final exam results.

    My experience has ranged from short term tuition helping students with their exam preparation to long term sessions that offer additional support alongside the student’s current studies at school, college or university. In these longer sessions we have built up a comprehensive understanding of the work they are doing on their course, and filled any holes in knowledge we have found along the way.

    • Extensive private tuition.
    • Mathematics Tutor at The University of Reading.
    • Running a week long Maths course for Kings School, Oxford for 2 groups of 14 gifted Italian students.
    • Instructing on summer camps for Kids for Life.
    • Volunteering tutoring for Team Up in underprivileged schools in London.
    • Assisting at a Drama Club for children with Down’s syndrome in Woodley.


    “I ended up getting a 5+ in foundation. I would have got a 3 with out your help! Thank you so much Matt. Carlos.” – CG, Foundation GCSE

    “Just wanted to say thanks for the support you gave James with his maths. He is so proud of the A grade he achieved, moving from grade D at AS level. Even more thrilled with the 100% he achieved on the Calculus pa- per!” – KD, A-level

    “He is patient and reliable and my son has said that he is better than any of his other teachers at school. That says it all. Thank you Matt.” – PK, Higher GCSE

    “Matthew is an excellent tutor. My daughter finds him very easy to relate to and he has helped her to signi- ficantly improve her grade in A level maths.” JW, A- level

    Subjects I teach

    Mathematics, KS3 up to Degree Level
    Acting Coaching for LAMDA exams and Drama school auditions

    My Qualifications

    BSc (Hons) Mathematics from the University of Nottingham

    BA (Hons) Acting from Drama Centre London

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I believe in guided teaching. I ask leading questions so that the pupil starts to practice their own framework for thinking through a problem themselves. My teaching method involves a mix of discussion on a top- ic; explanation and reasoning, followed by examples and reference back to our initial discussion. In any exam situation, and indeed for long term knowledge retention, the best way to be able to manipulate a concept and solve mathematical problems is to have a full understand- ing of the processes you are using and why they work.

    Fun fact

    Once slept in the middle of a traffic island in Cadiz as we couldn’t find a single room in a hostel. Don’t worry it was 44 de- grees and we weren’t the only people there with that idea!

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