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    My Experience

    I have taught over 60 students since graduating in 2014. Several of these have been with high-calibre tuition agencies, primarily for Economics A-level, although I have also tutored in Maths (11+), English Literature (up to A-level) and Politics (up to A-level). As all Economists know, specialisation is the key to productivity, so at this time I am specialising in Economics and Psychology!

    A majority of my A-level students have been at very competitive schools such as St Paul’s, Immanuel, Epsom College, and Latymer and Godlophin. I have had several students receive A* grades and attend top universities such as LSE, Stanford and UCL.

    In addition, I have some experience working on personal statements, CVs, interview training and University projects both at Bachelor’s and Master’s level.


    Subjects I teach

    Economics A-level (AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC)
    Economics GCSE (All exam boards)

    My Qualifications

    BSc in Psychology
    A-levels in Psychology, Economics & Politics

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    The first part of my passion for Economics comes from my interest in how people make decisions, which is more a branch of psychological studies than of any other field. Thinking about how the economy works from a psychological perspective is completely natural, because these the economy is based (among other things) on psychological processes, as such processes are necessary to make any economic decision. Additionally, my passion was stimulated because of the immense presence of Economics in the world around us. This means that if you are interested in Economic behaviour as a way of observing and understanding a particular form of human behaviour, you will find little that gives you more food for thought than Economics! Every single person who goes through the modern education system, whether they are studying Economics or not, is involved in a fundamentally Economic process, and their lives will be inextricably linked to the economy they reside in and their role within it. Economics is a huge part of the world we have built around ourselves, and if we are passionate about understanding that world, we must be passionate about Economics.
    Much like my passion for Economics, my inspiration to tutor comes from the activity itself, rather than any specific external source. For somebody passionate about an academic discipline, it provides a great opportunity to remain engaged with the field; in fact, it is a constant source of gratitude in my life that my job is essentially to talk about my favourite subject!
    Outside of passion for the subject, I think there is another key source of inspiration; the ability to steer the course of people’s lives in a positive manner, and if they go on to great success, perhaps the course of the country, or even the world! Most great people have great teachers at some point in their lives (whether those be parents, role models or actual teachers). The opportunity to contribute to the achievements of others, no matter the scale, is a hugely inspiring opportunity to take. You might say that what inspires me to tutor is the potential to inspire students!
    How I inspire my students? This one is much simpler! Exemplary dedication and enthusiasm. My commitment to my students means they are inspired to work harder themselves. My enthusiasm means they are inspired to engage with the subject; Economics has such a dry and dusty reputation, but I believe that with a nudge in the right direction, students can easily see the endlessly fascinating and relatable sides of the discipline. Throughout my career I have had wonderful feedback from students, who have highlighted these traits just as often as my subject knowledge.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I used to perform stand-up comedy routines in front of hundreds at youth festivals in the UK.

    I gave up comedy to focus on human behavior and the state of the UK economy, as these are often more inherently comical.

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