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    My Experience

    I’ve got a PhD in Materials Science from Imperial College London. I worked on new methods for producing zinc oxide for low cost solar energy.

    Materials Science is a cross-disciplinary subject that requires a lot of maths, physics and chemistry knowledge, so I’m very well versed in all three. I now work doing science writing with doctors and medical researchers at St Thomas’ Hospital in central London, so my biology knowledge is pretty good too.

    Whilst studying for my PhD I started tutoring GCSE to A-level science and maths, and also worked with school groups who came to visit our labs.

    Subjects I teach

    Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths GCSE to A-level
    Astronomy GCSE
    Materials Science Undergraduate

    My Qualifications

    Physics PhD – Organometallic Precursors for the Production of Printable Photovoltaic Materials, 2016
    Plastic Electronics MRes, Imperial College London (2010-2011)
    Materials Science & Engineering BEng, Imperial College London (2007-2010) 2:1

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I’m a total geek, and I try and bring my love of science to my tutoring. If you’re looking for science or maths tuition to get a good exam mark and never have to think about science again, that’s great, I’ll try and make the experience as interesting and fun for you so you are motivated to get the highest marks. If you want tuition because you want to study science or maths further, then I can  bring my lived experience of science research to really inspire you onwards.

    Fun fact

    I used to have a radio show on Soho Radio about science, and occasionally go back to appear on it.

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