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    My Experience

    Over 4 years’ experience with a variety of tutoring agencies, teaching all ages 5-18
    I have helped pupils gain offers at numerous top-tier schools, including St Paul’s, Westminster, King’s Wimbledon, City of London, Latymer, Tonbridge, Winchester, Harrow and many more.
    In 2013, 4 out of 4 pupils received offers from Westminster
    I have tutored residentially in Italy, Moscow, Miami, South Africa and Dubai


    ”Many thanks for all your help. Matt was a star, we really like him.”

    ”We adore Matt – and not just because he achieved the impossible in getting Toby to work every single day! It was a pleasure having his company and his miraculous tutoring skills to hand all year”.

    ”Matt was totally great and, yes, it was a big success at least from our point of view. I had met him by myself in the spring and liked him enormously, and Felix obviously agrees.”

    ”Matt has been very helpful with Buck. Buck enjoys the lessons and as a result is improving with his school work.”

    ”We love Matt… he became part of the family”

    ”Sebastian did work well with Matt, I was rolling my eyes behind the door as he is not like that when I try to work with him! Matt is calm and much more patient than me though, so I am hoping Seb will improve over the summer with Matt’s help.”

    ”He is very reliable, very charming and progress is noticeable! And he knows how to get Edo to work even when he doesn’t feel like it at all….”

    Subjects I teach

    Study skills and revision strategy
    Maths 8+, 11+, 13+
    English 8+, 11+, 13+
    Verbal / non-verbal reasoning

    My Qualifications

    10 A*s GCSE
    4 As A-level
    High 2:1 (mark: 69) in Modern and Medieval Languages from Cambridge University

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    “My approach is very simple – I am guided by experience, rather than any vague educational theory. I have a huge amount of tutoring experience and have achieved consistently great results for my clients. I respond intuitively to new pupils, working out their personality and learning mechanisms by sitting in a room with them and talking to their parents. I am then able to match the right strategy and tools to their needs. I enjoy the challenge of striking up a rapport with a new pupil, even if they are initially shy or difficult. I hope my feedback and results speak for themselves.”

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    Alongside tutoring, I am also a filmmaker!

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