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    My Experience

    Formerly a full time biology teacher at the prestigious Charterhouse School. I taught rigorous syllabi (IGCSE & Cambridge International A Level) to a diverse range of ages and ability, from unmotivated 13 year olds to enquiring 19 year old Oxford undergraduates. Experienced voluntary tenure within the state sector at primary and secondary schools (including grammar).

    Organised one-to-one revision lessons for pupils who have voluntarily recognised shortfalls and liaised with parents over diagnostics for identifying reasons for poor exam performance.

    Subjects I teach

    Biology Specialist – GCSE & A-Level

    My Qualifications

    DPhil Oxford
    BSc Biology & Ecology (First)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    To get the most out of each session I like to create an environment where the tutee is comfortable with informal dialogue and feels like they can discuss any misunderstanding irrespective of triviality – in time, this approach will reveal exactly how the tutee learns (for example, maybe more of a visual learner). I am also a believer in engendering underlying principles as much as possible – delivering facts without context are likely to diminish in the memory. I try, as much as possible, to employ the Socratic method of learning – really enjoy seeing the pupil develop healthy, objective cynicism.

    The pace of the session is very much governed by the pupil; some areas are resilient to comprehension and I recognise that such difficulties can be caused by irrational mental terror more than actual ability. If this is the case then a different approach is necessary.
    I often try to finish the session with at least one real exam question to assess understanding.

    Lastly, although the success of the objective is ultimately measured in exam performance I do like to try to engender a passion for what they are learning – natural science is one of the finest disciplines!

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    Fun fact

    One of the few who isn’t on a social sharing media site! 

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