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    My Experience

    I have 9 years working experience tutoring both teenage students and adults. I have experience teaching groups and professionals as well. I also teach children suffering from dyslexia, by helping them improve their reading, writing, numerating ability and balance of their mind.
    I have worked in many schools in UK, I am an assessor in King’s College of London (King’s Leadership and Employability Awards) and this summer I will teach at Oxford’s University summer school.


    “Her whole way of teaching and behaving made her more popular in my company. Maria has a good influence for her students and inspire them for the best.
    Phil Greenland.

    “She has a charisma to calm my 15 years old son and make him study! She is his tutor more than a year now and his grades have reached Distinction!”

    Cathy Monach

    Subjects I teach

    Ancient Greek all levels
    Modern Greek all levels
    History all levels
    Economic History
    Latin A-Level

    My Qualifications

    PhD in Economic and Social History King’s College of London
    MPhil in Economic and Social History
    BA in History and Archaeology (Classics)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I am a responsible and well-organised teacher, trying always for the best of my students. For me the key to success is organisation, confidence and fun! I always try to teach by a pleasant way according to my students’ interests and needs.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    While I was teaching a dyslexic student the 7 times timetables, I came across the idea of using the stairs of his house. I stacked post its on every stair until the top of the house. They still say the timetables while walking to the top floors! The post it is still there!

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