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    My Experience

    I have been tutoring for the past three years, and have been recruited by online and in-centre teaching companies.

    I have experience tutoring students from primary level, up to A-Level; and have been successful in helping the students be granted entry into the schools and universities of their choice. I have also coached students aiming to gain entry into medical students- and have assisted in UCAT, and interview practice alongside A-Level exams. My past students have been accepted into various Russel Group universities, including King’s College London, Newcastle University and the University of Cambridge.

    I have also coached international students who have applied to UK universities, and have tutored students for specific University of Cambridge exams, including Natural Sciences.

    Subjects I teach

    11+: Verbal/ Non-Verbal Reasoning
    11+/13+- Maths, English
    Secondary Level: English, Maths, Sciences, History, French
    GCSE: English Literature, English Language, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Latin, History
    A-Level: Biology, Chemistry
    IB: Chemistry, Biology

    My Qualifications

    A-Level : Biology(A*), Chemistry (A*), Classics (A*), EPQ (A*), Maths AS (A)

    GCSE: English Literature (A*-100%); English Language (A*) ; Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Maths (A*), Combined Sciences (A*), History (A*), Latin (A*), Drama (A*), French (A*), RS (A*)

    MBBS- Bachelors of Medicine; Bachelors of Surgery : I have completed three years thus far, and am currently taking a year to study Management at Imperial College London.
    [ Elected as Head Global Health Officer at the Students for Global Health Society; Events officer at Nutritank KCL; Events officer at Clinical and Research Society.]

    Head Liaison between the student body and senior staff team at my Sixth Form.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    As a medical student, Biology and Chemistry are an integral part of my education. I have been able to excel in the subjects during my time at school and now enjoy explaining and teaching concepts which have become second nature to me, in new ways to help students learn and understand tricky concepts.

    What I enjoy about tutoring is that I can use my knowledge and skills to make it easier for students to understand subjects and attain a sense of achievement. I like talking to my students before starting to teach them to get a grasp of their fears and concerns- and my style of tutoring isn’t just to help pass exams but to get a true understanding of the subject and be engaged during the session.

    When I was a student, I felt everything was about passing exams- and although the end goal is excelling in exams for most, I truly believe my role is to help students become interested in the topic whilst learning and understanding what they are being taught so that they can apply the knowledge in the future, even after the exams.

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