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My Experience

My last year of tutoring has consisted of providing assistance to students in Creative Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning for 11+ and 13+ school entrance and Common Entrance. The number of tutees I have worked with is ever growing and I have received very good feedback and comments from my various students. I understand the system in-depth and have various methods for helping children of all abilities.
I have worked in Gloucestershire for three years, tutoring several different students in Common Entrance and GCSE examination practice. One student obtained very high marks in his CE examinations to gain entrance to a top-level public secondary school, whereupon I continued to give tuition in his 1st and 2nd years at the school.
I was a tutor for an online tutoring company in my 1st and 2nd years at Oxford University, where I conducted many sessions over their video conferencing service, teaching French and Spanish GCSE to students in need of extra language help. All students reported increased marks in their internal school examinations.
More recently, I have been working for a company who specialise in the teaching and preparation of foreign students for entrance to British secondary schools. There, I have been teaching English online to several students based in China.


“Thank you very much, Ludo! Through these sessions between you two, I saw E’s change. Although he was still lacking in expression, I really saw that he had made a breakthrough. Now he would not be afraid to make mistakes and could communicate with you bravely. Before he was not like this. This is already good progress. I hope that, after continuing to accumulate more vocabulary and sentence as well as mastering such tenses, he can make greater progress on his English ability. Thanks again!” Mother of 9 year old boy, April 2020

“Would like to let u know that Ludo was excellent! We are happy with him and working on a last minute strategy to tackle the exam in Jan” Mother of 11+ daughter, December 2019″

“The lessons with Ludo have been going well. Ludo is a patient and experienced tutor. He is very responsive and delivers the lessons as planned.” Mother of 11+ daughter, January 2020″

“It was a great success – we had really positive feedback from both boys. They both really took to Ludo. T felt that Ludo really helped him with his Maths. H (who perhaps lacks confidence academically compared to T and is therefore slightly more complicated to mentor) really connected with Ludo in a way we weren’t expecting and loved being with him and has asked that we always have Ludo from now on. Ludo was also very well prepared and has taken great trouble with follow up emails on their progress. So we are really looking forward to Ludo coming back for their Easter sessions.” Father of 13-year-old and 11-year-old, February 2020″

“To whom it may concern: Ludo Millar has been doing tutoring lessons for my 9-year old son for the past two months. He focuses his lessons on Maths and English, as requested by us, and helps my son with both the academic course work as well as with preparation for the upcoming 11+ exams. My son enjoys the sessions a lot; he has gained a new appreciation for studying, is always eager to meet Ludo and take his classes, does the assigned homework without complaints and is more motivated. He has also cemented his knowledge of key concepts; in Maths, in particular, he has made exceptional progress, has really improved and recently managed to obtain strong, above-average grades in the Spring term exams. We look forward to continue working with Ludo for a long time.” Mother of 9-year-old boy, March 2020

Subjects I teach

11+/13+ Creative Writing and English Comprehension
11+/13+ Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning
11+/ 13+ Humanities and Sciences
GCSE French, Spanish, Classics, English, History, Geography
A level French
Undergraduate French
Personal Statement
Oxbridge Applications
University Mentoring

My Qualifications

CHELTENHAM COLLEGE: AAAA at AS level, in History, French, Spanish and Latin
A*AA at A level, in French, Spanish and Latin
– Head of House and Senior College Prefect

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD: BA with Upper 2nd Class Honours in French and Linguistics
Editor of College Magazine
Senior Member of University French Society

My Passion And How I Inspire

After having been lucky enough to receive a good education, my inspiration for wanting to give back stems from a desire to teach others the methods that I was taught myself. Many children do not get the chance to study as I have done and I have therefore committed to passing on this knowledge and methodology to a younger set of students. Languages are my speciality and my love for them originates from language exchange programmes that I completed as a child that gave me the linguistic tools to thrive in these countries. I aim to convey this in my sessions with students and hope to inspire them in return to study the subject as I did myself.

I believe motivation and inspiration are the key to eliciting the best response from a tutee – and this comes from having the tools to adapt to what the student responds to best. After an initial session where I meet the student to understand what they want to get out of the teaching and what their natural style of working is, I start with interactive games to begin many of the memory-recall tasks that are so important at CE and GCSE level. For older students, I begin with an in-depth look at their course content, followed by sessions which explore the material in a way that differs from their school environment, so as to allow them to see and experience their content in a new and refreshing way.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

At one time, I was captain of 5 college sports at my university!

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