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    My Experience

    I have previousy tutored a child for their GCSE level Spanish oral exam, checking their answers for grammar mistakes and helping with their verbal fluency. I also helped the younger sibling of this child with their English comprehension skills for their 11+ exams.
    I also have experience with personal statement assistance, I supervised another student with their personal statement for Liberal Arts at Warwick University, for which they then recieved an offer.


    Lucy worked with my son Joseph to boost his comprehension work in English. Lucy is a calm and thoughtful tutor who took the time to target the areas that my son needed the most support in. She also gave me constructive and helpful feedback about my son’s progress. I asked my son about Lucy and he said, “She’s really fun. It’s great being taught by Lucy”

    Subjects I teach

    Biology up to GCSE level
    English Literature up to A-Level
    Psychology up to A-Level
    Personal Statement help

    My Qualifications

    I went to City of London School for Girls, which has been consistently high in the league tables. In my A-levels, I have an A* in English Literarture, a B in Biology and a B in Spanish. In my GCSEs, I achieved 9A*s and 2As.

    Currently I am studying psychology at the University of Birmingham, a top Russel group university. I am also juggling being on the committee for two different societies, participating in volunteering in which I help analyse data from student experiments, and a part time job as a student ambassador for the university in which I give tours to prospective students!

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I believe that a student will learn better if they actively engage in the subject and with their teacher, so I try and be an upbeat and positive tutor, encouraging the student to develop an interest in what they are learning. Learning can be really hindered if a student feels intimidated or unsure of the content of the course, so it’s always my goal to give a student the confidence they need to eventually tackle the subject independently and love learning. I start by explaining concepts the student may find difficult in simple terms and building up for there, and would tailor my advice to the personal needs of the student.

    I have an understanding of what it takes to do well in exams, and would combine this knowledge with my personal motivating style with the end goal of high achievement for the student.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    When I was a child I owned 8 hamsters, who all had the same 2 names!

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