My Passion & How I Inspire

I believe that passion is key to my approach to tutoring: if a tutor can make a subject accessible, enjoyable and understandable, retaining the information is easy. I appreciate that everyone works and learns in different ways and believe that working closely with tutees to find out what works for them is key.

Having been taught Anatomy intensively over my course so far, I have seen which teaching tactics work and which don’t – I hope to be able to utilise this knowledge in order to teach the subject effectively. I know that as a medical student the amount of information to be learned can be overwhelming, and the subject can seem very dry – I would hope to make the teaching fun, interactive and clinically centred to overcome this.

I obtained a place at both of the medical schools I interviewed for, and received excellent feedback where it was available. Medical school interviews can be daunting: however, I feel that they can be tackled systematically, and this is an approach I am keen to teach prospective tutees.

English literature has always been my passion, and I appreciate that undertaking English as a subject can involve studying texts which may appear dense or unenjoyable. I hope to be able to help my students enjoy the material that they study whilst also teaching them the necessary skills to excel in their exams.

Essay writing has always been a great strength of mine, and I have been lucky enough to have excellent teaching on technique throughout my education – this means that I am able to help people of all ages to write concise, interesting, and accurate essays.

My Experience

Having worked in the NHS for a year, I am experienced in training others and feel that this will translate well into tutoring.

Peer teaching is a large part of my course at SGUL, so I am experienced in teaching others.

In addition, I have two younger siblings and am frequently called on to help with homework!

Subjects That I Teach

  • English
  • English - A-Level
  • English - SAT
  • Essay Writing
  • Essay Writing - A-Level
  • Essay Writing - SAT

My Qualifications

I am currently a graduate entry medical student at SGUL.

I have a 2.1 in Philosophy from UCL, with an A* in RS at A-level, and two As in Government and Politics and English Literature.

I achieved 5As, 5A*s and 1B at GCSE.

I also speak conversational French.

My Video Introduction