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    My Experience

    Post-Graduate level: Successfully supervised over 20 MSc students, 6 PhD students, 6 post-docs to completion

    Organize Modules and teach for graduate and undergraduate programs in Biomedical Science and Pharmacology Courses.

    Written >100 research papers and book chapters

    Offered career guidance/mentoring ~30 students/year

    One to one tutoring undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates

    Subjects I teach

    Professional mentoring and career guidance in health
    Research methods
    Biomarker discovery
    Drug Development
    Clinical Trials
    Translational medicine
    Physical and mental health research
    writing essays, papers, dissertation, grants, thesis

    My Qualifications

    Post Doc at Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neurosciences at KCL
    Post-Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCaP, KCL)
    PhD in Psychopharmacology (USP Brazil)
    MSc in Neurosciences (USP Brazil)
    BSc in Pharmacology/Biomedical Sciences (USP Brazil)
    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Looking for those top grades? And how to make the difference? I can help you reach your ambition and that next step in your career, making it a reality. I use a friendly but effective and focused approach to improve your learning at the best of your ability.

    Fun fact

    I once entered in a Rust to Rome Competion in a Banger Rally (and got a trophy for arriving last :D)

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