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    My Experience

    I have a few years of private tutoring experience.


    “Lilly is an amazing tutor. She helped me with my maths and English homework last year, and explained things in a fun, easy way. I used to hate school, but I really enjoy it now! She made learning really fun.”

    “My session with Lilly went extremely well; she is a bright young woman and has proved to have great knowledge in the International Relations field. Our session turned out to be productive (I probably understood more IR in one hour with her than during my first semester!) Thank you for your service.” – Ana

    Subjects I teach

    Political Science/International Relations (up to undergraduate level)
    Armenian (any level)

    My Qualifications

    Dean’s List recipient, High Honours (Boston University, USA)
    High Academic Honours every semester (Hall High School, USA)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    “I have found that the most effective way to learn new, difficult concepts is to break down the process into feasible, enjoyable bits. It is important for students to learn how to solve problems on their own, and by incorporating relational examples, mnemonic devices, and other little navigable features, learning becomes a unique, interactive game. In this way, the student’s retention of both the information, and just as importantly, his/her interest in the subject, becomes heightened. My motto is that learning should be just as much about attitude and curiosity as it is about facts and concepts. It does not have to be a daunting task.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I love travelling and exploring new territories, Greece and India are up next on my bucket list! Currently, I am working on a fictional novel, and belly dancing is my form of meditation!

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