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    My Experience

    Tutoring privately over the last 3 years.


    ‘Lauren’s creative and insightful approach has taught my daughter to think for herself and develop her own conclusions. Not only is she receiving strong results, but her motivation is through the roof!’ – Lisa Byrne
    ‘Incredibly helpful tutoring sessions and Lauren pushed me to aspire to the highest possible grade which in my case got me a very unexpected A grade in drama and theatre studies a levels.’ – Mazino
    ‘Lauren is a very friendly, easy-going tutor who connected with my daughter from the start. My daughter is very comfortable with her manner of teaching and looks up to her. As a result, she has attained a lot more confidence in her subject in a very short space of time.’ – Harsha
    ‘Lauren was excellent at coaching my son on exam technique and I am particularly grateful to her for raising my son’s confidence in his abilities when the time of the exam arrived.’ – Alison (her son got a scholarship to Eton).

    Subjects I teach

    English Literature Undergraduate
    Theatre Studies Undergraduate
    Drama Auditions/ School Preparations
    Personal Statements
    Oxbridge Preparation

    My Qualifications

    4A* & 5A GCSE
    4 A2
    English Literature BA 2.1, Cambridge University

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I engage the student in a conversation, so they learn to feel comfortable talking about their work, without feeling judged or like they are expected to come up with exceptional responses straight away. Shortly students begin to develop their own incites, as well as confidence in talking about their views. There are no clear answers when analysing texts, or working out why one sentence should follow another, so it’s important students develop their own intuitions about why something works in a certain way.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I recently directed my first feature film, in India!

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