My Passion & How I Inspire

“I aim to excite my students and engage them in the questions that are being asked of them so that when their exam comes not only are they prepared but that their enthusiasm is picked up by the examiner reading their work. Drama is a very physical field so often when asked to write essays as a subject it can feel tedious, by encouraging students to bring their work to life their essays reflecting a real life production not a 2D exam answer.”

My Experience

Three years private tutoring experience.

Subjects That I Teach

  • English
  • English - A-Level
  • Theatre Studies
  • Theatre Studies - A-Level

My Qualifications

Drama Scholar at School

6A*s 3As 1B GCSE

4 As AS Level

1A* 2As 1B ALevel

National Youth Theatre Member

National Youth Film Academy Member

Distinction in Gold LAMDA Awards

Professional Acting Experience

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I love to dance and create new types of cookies; sometimes I do both at the same time!