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    My Experience

    Three years as History Admissions Tutor at Lincoln College (University of Oxford)
    One term undergraduate Politics Tutor at University College (University of Oxford)
    Two years Oxbridge applications mentor
    Three months private tutor at London tutoring agency


    ‘Kit really helped me with my undergraduate history dissertation. From feeling totally lost after only five sessions I had a really interesting topic and a plan of how to research and write it. Kit keeps on checking in to see how its going and I know I can always ask for more help.’ – Joe, Oxford University

    ‘In his capacity as a DPhil student and a tutor appointed by the college, Kit taught me the Oxford FHS politics core paper ‘British Government and Politics since 1900’. All of the tutorials were extremely well prepared, with a clear structure and well-defined goals. These tutorials helped me to explore the full complexity of 20th-century British politics, delineating the origins, the evolution, and the interplay different political traditions, and raising the paper to a theoretical level as to how historians and political scientists should approach the recent past. An expert on the Conservative Party and conservatism in Britain, Kit’s tutorials not only inspired me to write my undergraduate thesis on Margaret Thatcher, but also prepared me to tackle wider problems in history and contemporary politics.’ – Ziang, Oxford University

    Subjects I teach

    Government and Politics AS Level, A Level
    History 11+, 13+, GCSE, AS Level, A Level, Undergraduate
    Politics undergraduate
    Modern History postgraduate
    Oxford Applications
    Cambridge Applications
    University Applications
    Essay Writing and Examination Skills

    My Qualifications

    2A* 4A GCSE
    3A A-Level
    1st Class Honours, BA Politics (Durham)
    Distinction, MA Modern History (Durham)
    In progress, DPhil Politics (Oxford)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    “I always work in a very collaborative way ensuring that the tutoring I provide meets the needs, capabilities, and interests of the student. By working together to determine a students precise requirements and strengths and weaknesses I provide a highly personalised form of learning. Whether the student needs strategies for organisation and time keeping or advice and support on how to write the perfect essay the tutoring I provide is never limited to just the specific subject being taught but becomes the basis for a lifetime of academic success.”

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I don’t just teach Politics but have been part of it myself – during my gap year I worked on an American presidential campaign!

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