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    My Experience

    Practical / Tutoring Experience:

    I have been teaching since 2004 & primary objective is to contribute into my students success.
    I consider myself unique in a way that I make it easy for my students by brining in my practical experience & give them real life examples. My students find the relevant subject much easier & logical after working with me.

    My practical working experience in senior finance roles in number of international organisations enabled me to enhance the understanding of my student in such a way that they can relate it back to different topics & exam questions.

    Post qualified managerial & mentor experience enabled me to evaluate my students strengths & weaknesses then I can plan accordingly to deliver quality productive tutoring which will guarantee understanding & success.

    My sessions are very interactive which would really make sure students are engaged all the time , get more confidence, understand how to approach the exam & carry out enough practice with past exam papers & question bank (exam kit)
    – DBS certified ?

    – Educational & Practical Training

    Kaplan Financial – London
    Oxford Brookes
    Central London based top Accounting Firm
    – Something about my current students.

    My students come from various sectors, regions & cultures.

    I work with many UK & international universities students on Accounting & Finance from Degree to Masters courses including LSE, Imperial & LBS etc.

    Students from top Accounting firms included BIG 4 who are either funded by firm or self funded

    Subjects I teach

    Accounting & Finance

    My Qualifications

    ACCA-Qualified at Kaplan Financial
    BSC in Accounting at Oxford Brookes
    Organisational Leadership- Harvard Business School

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Tutoring for more than 15 years , I have witnessed students with different needs & mindsets. I keep it really simple by making tutoring sessions engaging, full of real life example so students can enhance application of knowledge technique.

    My sessions are plan in such a way that students are not only learning during the session but also I set a target for them in between sessions to keep them developing all the time. I keep regular contact with my students & make myself available to support them to keep them going.

    In short I see my success in my students success.

    The critical success factor to pass these professional exams are following & here I come to show my students how to tackle it & develop exam technique:

    1) Knowledge & application of knowledge to exam scenario questions
    2) Effective Time Management to attempt 100%
    3)Understanding the examiner requirements

    I will push my tutees in the sessions to practice all above so when they do it in real exam they know how to deal with it effectively. During the session I act like an examiner & give feedback straight away so my students know where they need to improve to ensure high scoring pass.

    I am not aiming for just pass but help students to achieve results in 75% & above. I am happy to say that many students who came to me for just pass but ended up getting marks between 80% & above.

    I always build up a relationship of trust with my students so they can share their problems & I can mentor them effectively. I am very patient & involved with my students exam preparation. I always motivate them & boost confidence to get great results.

    I am very patient and committed to my students. I firmly believe in assessing the student’s understanding on a particular subject, level of competence and then hitting the high notes, giving top priority to exam techniques, question bank and past papers.

    Fun fact

    I play cricket & active gym member!

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