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    My Experience

    I have over five years experience teaching and have taught the three Sciences and Maths from GCSE to A-Level since I sat the exams myself. As well as private tutoring, I have given lessons in Chemistry and Maths to large class sizes at summer and Easter schools.
    I have successfully helped students gain places at Oxbridge from both independent and non-selective state schools.


    “Joshua is personable, professional and has helped to give my daughter a confidence boost during the run up to her exams. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others” (Carl, Father of GCSE physics student)

    “Joshua has really helped my son and continues to do so, he took him from an ungraded to a C grade in two sessions at AS level Chemistry. He is now working to get him to a higher level for his exams in May. I would definitely recommend him” (Sandra, Mother of A-Level Chemistry student)

    Subjects I teach

    Chemistry up to A-Level
    Biology up to A-Level
    Mathematics up to A-Level
    Physics GCSE
    Science GCSE
    Undergraduate Chemistry and Bio-Sciences assignments
    Oxbridge applications and interviews

    My Qualifications

    Natural Sciences BA (Hons) from Pembroke College, University of Cambridge (Horne Foundation Scholar)
    A-Level Chemistry (A*), Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*). AS-Level Biology (A) and Further Mathematics (A). Scored over 95% in all subjects. Top of class in all subjects taken to A-Level and in receipt of Outstanding Student Award.
    GCSE 11 A*-B

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    True learning occurs when a student is both engaged and inspired. My students come from a broad range of backgrounds and each have their own individual learning style. My job is to find how each student ticks and then adapt myself to that. My approach is is proactive, my molecular modelling kit is always by my side and I like to break many things down by drawing different diagrams.
    Pace is a problem frequently encountered by students at school. They find themselves either overwhelmed by content, or bored and distracted if a class is moving too slowly. One-to-one tuition keeps everything at a pace that suits the student, while I push them to enrich their learning with outside resources.
    My broad academic and professional history allows me to teach a student to get the best grades in their exams, while offering sound career advice for an enriched future.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I play guitar and keyboards in a band!

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