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I'm here to inspire you.

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    My Experience

    Experience of tutoring physics, mathematics and computer science / programming to a good range and mixture of levels, mostly done online via Skype. Residential work and incorporating the role of a mentor into my tutoring.


    Latest feedback from student (was via a whatsapp message):
    “I thought out classes were really useful as I finally understood the basis of python and how to write a working program. The one thing I also appreciated was that all my past tutors weren’t able to teach me what I was actually confused in, but in our lessons I knew exactly what was being taught. Lastly, I was glad to have a friendly tutor!”

    Subjects I teach

    Physics (GCSE, IB, A-Level, University),
    Mathematics (GCSE, IB, A-Level, inc. further maths),
    Computer Science (GCSE, A-Level, and general programming),
    General Science (Chemistry, Biology up to GCSE / AS level).
    For roles as a residential tutor I can also help with English and some other languages.

    My Qualifications

    Masters degree, MPhys, Physics, 1st Class
    A-Levels: Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry (A*A*A*A).

    My International Placements

    Portugal, Malta. (For tutoring)

    USA, Latin America (For science research work)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I had a tutor when I was halfway through my GCSE’s and it completely turned my grades around, I really enjoy teaching and helping students find their potential just like I did.

    Fun fact

    I tend to travel quite randomly and learn languages of the countries I go to, often staying there for some time.

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