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    My Experience

    I have many years experience tutoring and teaching students, over a range of subjects and ages. I have privately tutored A-Level Geography since 2013, I was a professional trainer for over a year at a world leading London-based consultancy firm and I have spent two Summers teaching and managing English Summer Camps in Hong Kong.

    Subjects I teach

    Geography A-Level

    My Qualifications

    12A*s GCSE

    4As A Level (Geography, Economics, Mathematics, English Literature)

    First Class, University of Cambridge, Geography BA

    2.1, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I think in order to improve academic performance, it is often as much about providing a confidence and motivation boost as it is about improving knowledge in specific areas. I try to make my sessions as interactive and relaxed as possible, drawing on issues from current affairs to bring to life what is being discussed. I also think it is important to set achievable short and long term goals, so that we can track progress, and adjust the sessions to suit the student’s learning style and knowledge gaps.

    Fun fact

    As a child I had a pet gerbil called Dog, as my parents wouldn’t allow me to have a real dog!

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