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    My Experience

    2 Years of private tuition for London tutoring agencies, including:

    Residential 11+, 13+ Tuition

    Tuition for a Russian family in the South of France in preparation for the 13+. English, Verbal reasoning, Non Verbal reasoning and interview technique. Student has been accepted into Harrow and is interviewing for Eton in the Autumn.

    Intensive residential and hourly tuition for a high profile client based in Eton. Studied towards the 13+ Exam – I focussed on improving the student’s English speaking skills whilst preparing him for his English, Geography and Divinity exams. This role is also semi-pastoral – with educational visits to museums and theatres and a general education in English culture. The role also involved long stretches of residential tuition where I lived in with the family.

    English Language & Literature (11+, 13+, GCSE, A Level)

    I tutor and have tutored many clients from the ages of 12 – 18 in English language, literature and English as foreign language. The tuition has ranged from home schooling appointments, to extra tuition after school and 13+ tuition in a London preparatory school. My students have been accepted into Harrow, Brighton College, and Dulwich amongst others.

    11+ & 13+ Tuition Blackheath Prep School

    Tuition for multiple pupils after hours at Blackheath Prep School. Ages ranging from 9 – 13 of all levels we focussed on Maths, English, Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning.

    Online English Language Courses

    I have set up and run online English languages courses for students taking the academic IELTS test in order to study at universities in the UK. Many of our clients are based in Beijing and the work involves marking English essays, Skype tutorials and liaisons over the phone.

    Geography Tuition (GCSE, A Level)

    I tutor and have tutored a vast number of clients in all aspects of geography, across all exam boards. Examples include a 20 year old client with ADHD who is retaking his GCSE Edexcel geography, two Russian boys who are preparing for the Dulwich and Westminster admissions and a client in Mayfair who is being home schooled for the last year of his GCSES.

    SEN Tuition

    I have experience with both ADHD and Aspergers and have developed strategies for SEN pupils to learn affectively based upon their needs rather than my lesson plan.

    Politics Tuition

    I also have tutored Politics at undergraduate level. With this client I covered Utopianism, both literature and in practice, and also a final year module titled ‘Politics in Science Fiction’. This involved regular discussion of the issues involved, essay structure and also revision strategies leading up to final exams.


    “Joe was a fantastic help – he knew his stuff, was articulate, fair and easy to get along with and really helped me on my way to my 1st” Politics Undergraduate

    “Was a great tutor, always on time and really got along with my daughter who got into her school of choice” 13+

    Subjects I teach

    Politics A Level
    Geography GCSE
    English 11+, English 13+, English GCSE (Language & Literature)
    Maths 11+ and 13+
    Reasoning and Interview technique

    My Qualifications

    First Politics (BA) from University of Nottingham
    A* Geography, A Politics, A English at A Level.
    11 GCSES including A* Sciences, A* Geography, A History, A English and Credit Dida (ICT).

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    As a person I am amiable, interested and interesting. I love to discuss issues with pupils and give them a holistic education that goes beyond the syllabus. Tuition is not just about drilling facts into a pupils head but instilling a love of knowledge and education. I feel it is in these areas where I excel.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I am also a freelance writer, having written for national publications in the USA on politics, philosophy and culture!

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