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    My Experience

    I have worked for a Saturday primary school for children who are struggling to keep up with work set by their schools. This involves teaching small groups of children English and Mathematics to give them the confidence to be able to thrive in their schools.

    In addition, I volunteered in Malawi at a children’s hospital, where I taught larger groups of children Mathematics, English and problem-solving skills whilst they were preparing/recovering for treatment.

    Subjects I teach

    Biology up to A-Level
    Chemistry up to A-Level
    Mathematics up to A-Level
    Physics chemistry and Biology combined science GCSE courses

    My Qualifications

    University College London – (2014-2017)

    I am an undergraduate Biochemical Engineering student and am thoroughly enjoying my time studying here.

    The Grammar School at Leeds – (2002-2013)

    Here I achieved the following grades:-
    3 A*’s in Mathematics (Edexcel), Chemistry (AQA) and Biology (AQA)
    A in Physics (OCR)
    5 A*’s in Mathematics, Core & Additional Science, Latin, Geography

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    A lot of people tend to overlook the importance of the sciences and mathematics in the real world, and often have the impression that beyond their exams their application to their everyday life is completely irrelevant. I strongly disagree with this, as science and mathematics are around everywhere. I find it extremely pleasing to be able to observe an object or an event and be able to apply my knowledge to explain how this came to be.

    I am very patient and able to explain principles in many different ways, so that I can strive to transfer my passion for these subjects to my students so that they can succeed to the best of their ability.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I am a resident DJ, and have performed at an official Red Bull sponsor!

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