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    My Experience

    I have helped students at both undergraduate and A-Level stages get to grips with complex concepts that they have found challenging. At university level, I have one-to-one tutoring experience in Sociology and Anthropology with students at prominent London universities, and I have led small group tutorials for medical undergraduates in Human Physiology and Anatomy.
    As a graduate of both Cambridge and a London medical school, I have helped students get places on highly competitive Oxbridge courses by reviewing their applications and preparing them for interview.


    “John was genuinely fantastic, and I am very much looking forward to our future sessions. He was extremely understanding, explained things very clearly and helped me structure a great work schedule at my pace. I’m also dyslexic, with which he was empathetic and helped me break down my ideas to help me feel less anxious about how much work I will be undertaking this academic year (which I was particularly grateful for because I’ve been extremely stressed about my final year of university!). In short, yes he was inspirational!” – Undergraduate Anthropology Student.

    Subjects I teach

    I’m happy to help students at any level develop their essay skills, and work on organisation and revision plans.

    Specific subjects I teach:
    Undergraduate Level: Pre-Clinical Medicine, Politics, Anthropology, Sociology
    A-Level: Biology, Chemistry, English, Politics, Anthropology, Sociology
    GCSE: Sciences, Maths, English
    Oxbridge/Medicine University Entry

    My Qualifications

    I got a double starred first from the University of Cambridge in Human, Social, and Political Sciences. I was awarded a number of commendations, including two prestigious Pollard Memorial Prizes, for achieving the best mark in my year.
    I am currently a clinical medical student at UCL, where I am involved in medical education, research and leadership.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Ideas can be difficult – and everyone takes time to get comfortable with them. My approach is always to be student-led; identifying those tricky concepts, and finding new and personalised ways to approach them, as well as building the confidence to use this knowledge independently.

    Fun fact

    I’m also a professional singer – a tenor. You can spot me on the back row of churches around London.

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