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John G

I'm here to inspire you.

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    My Experience

    I have helped students at both undergraduate and A-Level stages get to grips with complex concepts that they have found challenging. At university level, I have one-to-one tutoring experience in Sociology and Anthropology with students at prominent London universities, and I have led small group tutorials for medical undergraduates in Human Physiology and Anatomy.
    As a graduate of both Cambridge and a London medical school, I have helped students get places on highly competitive Oxbridge courses by reviewing their applications and preparing them for interview.

    Subjects I teach

    I’m happy to help students at any level develop their essay skills, and work on organisation and revision plans.

    Specific subjects I teach:
    Undergraduate Level: Pre-Clinical Medicine, Politics, Anthropology, Sociology
    A-Level: Biology, Chemistry, English, Politics, Anthropology, Sociology
    GCSE: Sciences, Maths, English
    Oxbridge/Medicine University Entry

    My Qualifications

    I got a double starred first from the University of Cambridge in Human, Social, and Political Sciences. I was awarded a number of commendations, including two prestigious Pollard Memorial Prizes, for achieving the best mark in my year.
    I am currently a clinical medical student at UCL, where I am involved in medical education, research and leadership.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Ideas can be difficult – and everyone takes time to get comfortable with them. My approach is always to be student-led; identifying those tricky concepts, and finding new and personalised ways to approach them, as well as building the confidence to use this knowledge independently.

    Fun fact

    I’m also a professional singer – a tenor. You can spot me on the back row of churches around London.

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