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    My Experience

    I have a doctorate in English Literature, as well as a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Literature and Philosophy. I also have a Postgraduate Certificate in the Management of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. My PhD focused on modern fiction and twentieth-century French philosophy. I currently teach on several undergraduate modules at a College of the University of London. I enjoy my research, and I have a closely related love of helping people – young and less young – to enjoy literature. I have been tutoring continuously for many years, and before teaching at university I held a variety of other professional roles – in, for example, publishing and social policy. I have a wide range of interests.

    I teach in Central London.

    Subjects I teach

    English Literature and Language GCSE
    English Literature A-Level
    University Applications and Personal Statement Preparation

    My Qualifications

    PhD in English Literature (University of London)

    M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Literature (University of Sussex)

    B.A. in Philosophy and Literature (University of Warwick)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My tutoring approach is centred on helping students to improve their vocabulary, analytical skills and essay writing abilities, and to develop their confidence in interpretation. Confidence, literary knowledge and a strong critical vocabulary are essential to academic success, and I aim to foster an interest in language and literature and to encourage students to see the challenges of their subject as both enjoyable and manageable. I teach exam technique, essay and coursework planning and revision practice and preparation (both in the summer and through the prior academic year) for students commencing GCSEs, A-Level courses and university programmes.

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