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    My Experience

    Before university, I was already tutoring some students from GCSE in technology and Spanish. During my final year at university (Imperial College) I was asked by the department of civil and environmental engineering to become an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UGTA) to help students during tutorials. During the autumn term I was teaching 2nd year students in Computational Methods (MATLAB), and during the spring term I was helping the 1st year students in Computational Methods, Structural Mechanics, Mechanics and Mathematics. I am prepared to teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, Spanish, coding (computing), mechanics, technical drawing, and anything civil engineering related.

    Subjects I teach

    Spanish up to A-Levels / IB / Undergraduate
    Civil Engineering for undergraduates
    Mathematics and mechanics up to A-Levels / IB / undergraduate
    Physics, chemistry and technical drawing up to A-Levels / IB

    My Qualifications

    I have just graduated in a 4-year MEng Civil Engineering degree from Imperial College with a 1st Class Honours.
    In 2015 (year 1), I was awarded the President Undergraduate Scholarship, a scholarship based on merit and awarded to only 112 people out of the ~2600 first year Imperial students.
    I have been selected for three consecutive years to be an academic mentor for the department of civil engineering at Imperial College to provide help during the department’s recruitment days.

    I did my Spanish Bachillerato (A-levels equivalent) at IES Mossèn Alcover in Mallorca, Spain, obtaining an overall score of 9.95/10. My choices included mathematics, physics, chemistry and technical drawing, and I scored 10/10 in all of them.
    In the Spanish PAU (test to access Spanish university) I obtained 9.85/10 in the general phase and 13.65/14 in the specific phase, the highest score in the Balearic Islands.
    I placed 4th in the Spanish Chemistry Olympiad in 2015.

    I completed my Spanish ESO (GCSE equivalent) at IES Porreres, Mallorca, Spain, with an overall score of 9.98/10, the best result ever in the high school.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I have always enjoyed teaching and setting up exercises for myself to improve my understanding and memorisation. Being a tutor for civil engineering undergraduates at Imperial College made me realise how enjoyable the work is and how gratifying it can be when your students perform well. I find one-to-one tuition to be the exact amount of supervision for a student to be able to follow an explanation and be comfortable enough to express any concerns and doubts, for us to work though together. It also allows me to analyse the students’ habits to intensify their strengths and fix their weaknesses. I want my students to understand first the problem they are dealing with and then approach it appropriately, whether it is with memorisation or understanding the concepts to the core, all the while focusing on the tests they will need to face and aim for a high score. It is very important for me that the students enjoy the lessons, this way they become invested enough to put real interest in the subject and explore it on their own, to reach their true potential. I like to incorporate real-life examples and past papers in my explanations because they draw the attention of the students and have proven to be the best practice for examinations. I will help my students to develop through my tutoring, gain critical thinking and ambition to single out the goal they want to achieve in the future, and prepare them to have determination to work step by step and accomplish it.

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    Fun fact

    I sing and write my own songs!

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